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Discovery calls allow you to consult with our CEO on entrepreneurial and business-related questions. For some, the discovery call is a trial to see if the BBM Agency consulting style fits them. For others who plan well and come with questions ready, the discovery call can be what they need to help them make decisions and move forward on projects. A discovery call is a good fit: 

  • For anyone interested in retaining The BBM Agency consulting services.

  • For anyone not necessarily ready to retain long-term services but still has key questions about launching, growing, or scaling their brand through positioning and integrated digital marketing strategies. 

Please note, however, that Discovery calls are NOT formal consulting sessions. Latoya will have limited knowledge and insight into your business or needs,  but a discovery call can feel like a mini-consulting session if you utilize it effectively. To get the maximum benefit,  you must come prepared with an agenda and lead the conversation with targeted questions so our time together is as productive as possible.

Fill Out The Form Below, & You Will Receive the Next Steps by Email

*The $300 fee for discovery calls will be credited to your 1st invoice if you choose to move forward with services 

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