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Welcome to The BBM Agency — a full-service boutique brand architecture agency and resource destination for public figures, entrepreneurs, and eCommerce brands.

We are a women-owned, women-led, & women-focused agency with a proven “Proprietary Model” designed for women to launch, refine, leverage, and scale their brands to 7 figures and beyond. 

With our results-driven approach, we position women to build authority in their niche to establish influence. We leverage that influence to increase brand awareness, build community-based relationships with customers and increase revenue. When authority and influence combine with strategy, we create strong brands with consistent and measurable growth. This is the recipe for scalability and legacy.


Who We Are

I’m Latoya T Bond, founder of The BBM Agency. 

I consult women on the journey to building 7 figure brands. To date, we have helped women build personal and product-focused brands using positioning, community building, and integrated digital marketing strategies as the pillars resulting in over 30 million media impressions and 50 million in revenue collectively for our clients.

Mee The CEO

I left corporate America in 2007 after finding out my 1st son was born deaf. 

“I knew I could not maintain my then current schedule as an account manager for a major manufacturer to top brands (like Target, Macys, and Walmart) and be the full-time mom that my son needed. 

I had to make a hard decision to choose my family. That choice meant a big pivot professionally and it's the best decision I could have made for us.  The 1st year I struggled to find myself once removed from the traditional 9-5 setting but my entrepreneurial spirit soon kicked in and I started an accessory business with my best friend using my expertise in sourcing, production, and importing goods from China. 

About a year into the business a college friend, Yandy Smith, approached me to help her start an accessory business and my journey as a consultant began. I realized that all of the traits that made me successful as an account manager, also made me great as a brand manager and business coach. My ability to listen, organize, manage, and implement strategies to achieve the most efficient results not only allowed me to successfully build my own business; but I've been able to help other women like Yandy, launch, leverage and grow successful businesses as well.


Thirteen Years later Yandy is one of my biggest success stories! Not only have we grown the Yandy Smith brand into a household name synonymous with women's empowerment but we've also successfully launched multiple brand extensions including the 7-figure beauty brand YELLE Inc.    


The best part about my journey is that I am now a full-time mom and businesswoman, I no longer have to choose. I set my schedule, my vacation days, and my workload and I'm able to be present and active in my children’s lives as well as help other women realize the freedom that comes with being your boss. 

I love helping women, specifically black women, and I love seeing their ideas take flight and become reality. 

“Wanna know how I built my multi-million dollar empire...I DIDN’T! We DID!!!! Love you for my whole life Latoya Bond!” - Yandy Smith 
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