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Welcome to The BBM Agency — a full-service boutique brand architecture agency and resource destination for public figures, entrepreneurs, and eCommerce brands.

At The BBM Agency, we are a women-owned, women-led, and women-focused agency. We believe in the power of our Proprietary Model, which has successfully helped women leverage Positioning, Personal Branding, and Digital Marketing. We see our clients as partners in their journey towards achieving their goals, maximizing their profits, and scaling their brands to seven figures and beyond. Your success is our success.

Our results-driven approach empowers women to build authority in their niche, establish influence, and use integrated digital marketing to foster community and boost brand awareness. We create powerful brands that achieve consistent, measurable growth by integrating personal branding with strategic insights and strong consumer relationships. This is our formula for scalability and legacy.


Who We Are

I'm Latoya T Bond, founder of The BBM Agency. I specialize in consulting women on their journey to building 7-figure brands. We've empowered women to establish successful personal and product-focused brands, leveraging strategic positioning, community building, and integrated digital marketing strategies. Our efforts have generated over 30 million media impressions and $50 million in collective revenue for our clients.

Mee The CEO

In 2007, I made a pivotal decision to leave corporate America after discovering my first son was born deaf. Balancing the demands of my role as an account manager for major brands like Target, Macy's, and Walmart with the needs of my son was untenable. Choosing my family meant embarking on a new professional path—a challenging yet ultimately rewarding journey.

Initially adrift outside the traditional 9-5 setting, my entrepreneurial spirit soon ignited. Partnering with my best friend, I launched an accessory business, drawing on my expertise in sourcing, production, and importing goods from China. A year into this venture, my college friend Yandy Smith approached me to help start her own accessory business. This marked the beginning of my career as a consultant.

I quickly realized that the skills that made me successful in corporate account management—listening, organizing, managing, and implementing strategies—equally equipped me for brand management and business coaching. Guided by these strengths, I not only built my own successful business but also empowered other women, to launch, leverage, and grow their ventures.

Thirteen years later, Yandy's brand has flourished, becoming a household name synonymous with women's empowerment. Together, we've successfully launched multiple brand extensions, including the 7-figure beauty brand YELLE Inc.

The most fulfilling aspect of my journey is that I've achieved a harmonious balance as a full-time mom and businesswoman. No longer forced to choose, I set my own schedule, vacation days, and workload, allowing me to be present and active in my children’s lives while empowering other women to embrace the freedom of entrepreneurship.

I am passionate about supporting women, particularly Black women, and witnessing their ideas soar into reality is my greatest joy.

“Wanna know how I built my multi-million dollar empire...I DIDN’T! We DID!!!! Love you for my whole life, Latoya Bond!” - Yandy Smith. 
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