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Ideal Candidate

Entrapreneurs and Business Owners who are leading their own companies and seeking insight and guidance on Positioning, Integrated Digital Marketing, Product Development, Scaling their businesses, growth strategies, or optimizing operations, executive consultants can provide valuable insights and guidance.

Rising Leaders who aspire to use Positioning and Personal Branding to advance their careers and take on greater leadership responsibilities. 

Companies Seeking Strategic Advice on specific issues or initiatives, such as growth strategies, market expansion, digital marketing tactics, or organizational effectiveness. 

Potential Touch Points


- Projections and Annual Goals 

Clarifying your Niche and Market Differentiation

- Creating a Positioning Strategy

- Building Authority and Influence

- Leveraging Authority and Influence to Build Community

- Creating or Evaluating your Product Offering and Pricing

- Working on a Lead-Generating Campaign

- Creating a Sales and Marketing Strategy

-Team Building Strategies

- Reviewing and Streamlining your Systems, Workflow, and SOP's to improve your infrastructure

Retainer Service

$1000 Per Session

3- Session Minimum

Each Session is Two (2) hours 

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