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Fractional CMO Services

The BBM team will become a key part of your executive team — prepared with decades of experience and insights and ready to take a holistic view of your business.

The BBM team will work with you to develop strategic insights, formulate a branding strategy, and oversee a marketing transformation that will get you – and keep you – on top of your competitive marketplace. They embed with your leadership team and seek to understand your business objectives in order to develop fresh and impactful marketing strategies that will drive growth for your organization.

The BBM Agency will serve as a Chief Marketing Officer for your brand. We will be responsible for curating a comprehensive brand positioning and Integrated Digital marketing strategy to refine your brand's unique positioning, maximize reach and increase annual revenue.



+ Refining the Brand Positioning and Niche

+ Creating Authority and Influence in the Category

+ Building Brand Credibility

+ Building/Growing an Engaged Online Community

+ Creating a Quarterly Marketing Strategy

+ Translating Marketing Strategy into Actionable monthly promotions

+ Creating an Integrated Digital Marketing Rollout

+ Managing the Execution of the Rollout

+ KPI Reporting


Specific Marketing Deliverables

+ Positioning

+ Campaigns

+ Promotions

+ Rollouts

+ Content Planning

+Email/SMS Marketing

+ Ads

+ Experiential Marketing

+ Influencer Marketing

+ Blogs

+ Website Optimization Assessment

The monthly retainer starts at $7,500 | The price is determined by company size and scope of deliverables  -- your next step is click here to book your discovery call

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